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QHM #5 – Bolognese – quick, kid tasty and full of hidden vegies

Great for a healthy lasagna

Let’s get it straight from the outset. This is not a traditional Bolognese sauce. This is a pasta sauce that is delicious, low fat and hides vegetables, so your kids get a great meal, and you get peace. They can even help you make it.

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Flat White…flat out!

Your¬†Camel doesn’t identify with the “lizard drinking” metaphor, preferring to be “flat out like a Dromadarie not really needing to drink, because we are superior beings that don’t succum to human fralities”…can’t imagine why it never caught on…

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Shady Pines Bar – shooters, not Hooters

¬†You must be thinking that you’re dealing with one thirsty camel!?

Don’t expect Hooters here. This talks wild west, but is Sydney Bar ‘tude all over.

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Roux Brothers French Lemon Tart – we are not worthy

3.5cm high...none thought this was possible...

22cm round - not 23, not 20 (unless on the way to 22)...25 is way out

Ok, this is serious …no quips, no puns, not “wink wink, say no more”, and certainly no French jokes!

This is the Roux Brothers!!


When the Culinary Camel was studying at the Culinary Institute of America (stand up straight when I’m talking to you!), we walked past the test kitchen on the way to our class (to disembowel various endangered species). Behind the glass, two very serious looking Frenchmen. Yes, I hear you ask “was De Gaulle in town, inspecting the plans for the Magineaux line?”, “was Napoleon selecting a chef for the invasion of Peru?”…no, none of these anachronisms were in play. This was something far more profound…. Continue reading

Sticky Date Pudding – SO " I come from a land Down Under"

For those whose parents didn’t “get it together” (yes, a concept more hideous than Ghaddafi’s last honeymoon DVD) until the 80’s, this dessert was found in restaurants more than Drano (well, our drains get blocked, whaddayagunnado?!)

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Supermarket chique – ketchup

I can hear you now…all the things you’d thought the author would hate, wrapped up in one neat package…and you’re right!

1. Evil empire multinational corporation, yep

2. Use-on-everything commercial substitute for actually making something to go with your meal, yep

3. Another bloody organic product, yep

4. Supermarket products, a hundred variations when we really need just one, you betcha!

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black star pastry, newtown. Freedom of choice? I wish!

Take it as a compliment that I’m telling you about Black Star. It’s hard enough to get into the place for my fix as it is, without having to squeeze past you (well, admit it, you are spreading a touch…aren’t we all?…as if this will help!).

At the best of times I feel like the 19th person trying to get into the phone booth, while the bored-as-batpoo Guinness book of records guy looks on…”no amount of free stout dulls this pain” he no doubt laments. Continue reading