Grasshopper…serious food in a secret location

Temperance Lane is not exactly a classic entry to a good restaurant. And neither is the penchant the place has for cocktails in jars, and cheap wine glasses…but these are minor quibbles for a restaurant that takes fine food very seriously. The staff are friendly, yes totally professional. The wine list far superior to the glassware, and these graduates of Sydney’s restaurant scene have got the formula right…only question is, will you find it?

The food is a real surprise, and the cocktails are excellent. Out of hours, there’s excellent bar food, albeit a small menu dominated by the chacuterie plate.

Be sure to scope out the owners, and introduce yourself.

I’m sure technology will get you there, and your culinary memory will tattoo it to your cerebellum. 


2 responses to “Grasshopper…serious food in a secret location

  1. If not for word of mouth you’d never find this place. Well worth the visit. Top food.

  2. see you there again bro!

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