Bistro Moncur – no sign of the fall of Rome

Don’t you just love the things you’ve come to rely upon? Mum’s love (except when you stole her clothes for that retro party), Dad’s driving  whilst randomly slapping you and your siblings in the back seat, and the restaurants that never ever let you down….

Welcome back to Bistro Moncur.  Damian will be selling the place soon, and that will probably bring about the fall of Rome.

And what have the Roman’s ever done for us?

Well, there’s the service…a perfect balance of professional and friendly, with the one really surly “why the fxxx am I here on Mother’s day dinner!?” waiter,  just to make the good ones that abound look all the better.

The food is perfectly assembled from the largely unchanged menu. And the prices still make you wince just enough to make you sit straight in the bentwood chairs that whisper “don’t stay too long…it’s a bistro, buddy”.

So when you feel like going, plan a Normandy-style assault at 6 sharp, when the seniors arrive. They’re the ones who bought in Paddington in the 60’s for 500 pounds (ahh, real money…) They smile and happily pay, safe in the knowledge that their reverse mortgage is going to leave you owing the bank big time one  day…

Otherwise, come later and leave your name at the door for a table. Drift into the lounge bar, where your stories of a big win trading the dollar fornicate with  those of your  other pilates soul mates…..

Thanks Damian, may your empire live on wherever you lay your chef’s hat….


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