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Sensational spaghetti yields professional “shiny water” at a bargain price

 Jamie Oliver is a bit of a hero of the camel. Sure there’s the usual hype, but unlike the “usual’ suspects, Jamie’s food is as delicious as your first ripe peach after a week of no sugar (try it..amazing) Continue reading


Everleigh markets – Redfern’s all grown up now.



Once upon a time, Redfern was as safe as pig in a salami factory. Now it’s as safe as a pig in a Synagogue. These are food markets with more organic content than a Nimbin farm. Saturdays 8am-1pm



Set for organic Yogurt

Back to the supermarket with the Camel…this stuff ticks all the boxes. It tastes incredible…it’s organic (does that mean I can knit it into a versatile winter shawl?) , and the fat free one doesn’t taste fat free…for breakfast add it to fresh fruit and grains (the camel gets his giant incisors around rolled oats, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and a touch of vanilla essence). Then off to a long day crossing the Nullabor, evading poachers….

Baby Peas, love to love you…

Fresh peas are great, and this works well with them too….. Continue reading

Puttanesca – true love, QHM #3 and another great supermarket chique item

 This sauce is as reliable as the profession it’s named after. Here, I’ll show you the easy and wonderful way to a sauce you can use as a dip, a pasta sauce, and a spectacular variation for a lasagne with understated class.

Continue reading

Supermarket chique – ketchup

I can hear you now…all the things you’d thought the author would hate, wrapped up in one neat package…and you’re right!

1. Evil empire multinational corporation, yep

2. Use-on-everything commercial substitute for actually making something to go with your meal, yep

3. Another bloody organic product, yep

4. Supermarket products, a hundred variations when we really need just one, you betcha!

5. “Ketchup”!! Continue reading