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Dinner party – you can do this!

This is a great dinner party dish, as most of the work is done in advance, leaving you to spend time with your guests, and still look like a complete hero. The ingredients are interchangeable with anything in season, so this technique will show you infinite possibilities. Continue reading


Baby Peas, love to love you…

Fresh peas are great, and this works well with them too….. Continue reading

QHM #5 – Bolognese – quick, kid tasty and full of hidden vegies

Great for a healthy lasagna

Let’s get it straight from the outset. This is not a traditional Bolognese sauce. This is a pasta sauce that is delicious, low fat and hides vegetables, so your kids get a great meal, and you get peace. They can even help you make it.

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Puttanesca – true love, QHM #3 and another great supermarket chique item

 This sauce is as reliable as the profession it’s named after. Here, I’ll show you the easy and wonderful way to a sauce you can use as a dip, a pasta sauce, and a spectacular variation for a lasagne with understated class.

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QHM #2 – pumpkin soup – 13 twists

Ubiquitous as it is, pumpkin soup is popular for a reason. Great, cheap and healthy.

This dawned on me when I was hitched to the post of a friend’s tent in Armidale. He is a great cook, and we all loved his pumpkin soup, served with a teaspoon of butter and parmesan. Even the kids loved it, and they hate pumpkin!

What was the secret, I asked my host?

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QHM #1: Seared Salmon, slaw and chips

 In this series, the Camel’s gonna school you in Quick Healthy Meals, with a catch…every one of these meals will use things you can find readily at your supermarket….they’ll all have basic frameworks upon which you can make enough variations to fool your audience.

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Creme Brulee – by Simon Hopkinson

This recipe by request of a subscriber (hint hint!)

Who is Simon Hopkinson?

We all have culinary defining moments in our lives…yes, even those of us who go through life thinking that putting a hash brown in a chicken burger is a culinary leap.

For the Camel, one of the great defining moments was at Bibendum in London, under the guidance of Mr Hopkinson.

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