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Dinner party – you can do this!

This is a great dinner party dish, as most of the work is done in advance, leaving you to spend time with your guests, and still look like a complete hero. The ingredients are interchangeable with anything in season, so this technique will show you infinite possibilities. Continue reading


QHM #1: Seared Salmon, slaw and chips

 In this series, the Camel’s gonna school you in Quick Healthy Meals, with a catch…every one of these meals will use things you can find readily at your supermarket….they’ll all have basic frameworks upon which you can make enough variations to fool your audience.

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Creme Brulee – by Simon Hopkinson

This recipe by request of a subscriber (hint hint!)

Who is Simon Hopkinson?

We all have culinary defining moments in our lives…yes, even those of us who go through life thinking that putting a hash brown in a chicken burger is a culinary leap.

For the Camel, one of the great defining moments was at Bibendum in London, under the guidance of Mr Hopkinson.

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Sticky Date Pudding – SO " I come from a land Down Under"

For those whose parents didn’t “get it together” (yes, a concept more hideous than Ghaddafi’s last honeymoon DVD) until the 80’s, this dessert was found in restaurants more than Drano (well, our drains get blocked, whaddayagunnado?!)

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baba ghanouj- it's finally legal to burn food!

You know this smell, right?

Maybe your mum owned a vertical griller? Yes, it was a revolution, but then again, so was communist Russia…but that’s another scent altogether.

The vertical griller was like the George Foreman toaster…a magic box of electricity and cages that transformed a reluctantly deceased mammal into a specialist appointment in 30 years time. Continue reading