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La bodeguita del medio – cuba sorta

 It’s been about 18 years since the Camel was in Havana, so the wear and tear of time has crystallised the entire 2 weeks into a few images…none were quite like LBDM, but that’s probably a good thing.  Continue reading


Berta – brave new world

 An Italian restaurant in Sydney?

*no pasta     *no pizza     *no bread     *no bruschetta     * no tomato sauces     *no cream sauces     *no calamari     *no prawns      *no tiramisu     *no pannacotta

 This is a sign, and a very good one…thanks to the crew from Vini

We’re all grown up now, and can let the waiter help us choose a great wine we’ve never heard of. We can eat and learn and taste and talk and be in a restaurant serving Italian food, rather than be in a place that wants to feel like an Italian cliché.

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