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Seen it, loved or hated it…

Everleigh markets – Redfern’s all grown up now.



Once upon a time, Redfern was as safe as pig in a salami factory. Now it’s as safe as a pig in a Synagogue. These are food markets with more organic content than a Nimbin farm. Saturdays 8am-1pm




Sydney Opera House – Vivid festival – in the extreme

The res’ is perfect…when you’re there….don’t hesitate..just go

Spiritualised – out of body experience

Great snap eh? Here’s what you can’t see…

4 guitars, harmonica, keyboard, drum legend, percussionist, 8 strings, 6 horns, 8 Gospel singers. I’d never heard a note before, and was transfixed from first to last.

Think Stones circa “you can’t always get what you want”, with early pink floyd/velvet underground.

If you have the chance….get a ticket….go…surrender…

Neil Finn's new band in Sydney

Neil and his wife, sharon, have teamed up with 2 other very talented (it’s safe to assume) musicians to form 

PAJAMA CLUB PARTY Oxford Art Factory (NSW), 13/Jun/2011
Great small venue…

Silent disco…must see theatre

transformational theatre in Sydney.

Don’t miss this brilliant piece of theatre by the Griffin Theatre Company, in the Stables Theatre, Kings Cross.