QHM #5 – Bolognese – quick, kid tasty and full of hidden vegies

Great for a healthy lasagna

Let’s get it straight from the outset. This is not a traditional Bolognese sauce. This is a pasta sauce that is delicious, low fat and hides vegetables, so your kids get a great meal, and you get peace. They can even help you make it.


Tinned tomatoes (chopped or whole doesn’t matter) 3 x 410g *

6 Tb tomato paste*

Cut roughly into a few pieces-4 medium carrots-4 large, red capsicum-3 inner stalks of celery

500g lean ground beef/pork (or mixed) – buy “heart smart” if you can

1 chopped onion

2Tb garlic (fresh) or 4 roast garlic purée

2Tb (I like it bold, less if you prefer) “bolognese” dried herbs or combine oregano/basil/thyme, or fresh if you have access (double the quantity).

2 bay leaves (if you have them)

4Tb olive oil

100ml red wine (optional)

Let’s start with tomatoes. The Camel loves these, and they work great for this recipe. * If you can’t access them, then use a good tinned tomato, and add 2Tb tomato paste per tin.

  Put 2 tins of the tomato with the vegetables into a large jug (I use 2lt).

Use a stick mixer or food processor to blend the contents thoroughly.

Heat a pot of at least 5lt, and add the oil, then the onions, and cook 5 minutes. Add the garlic, bay leaves (if you are) and the mince, and cook til the mince is cooked through. About 5 minutes.

Add the wine (if you are using it) and cook until it is almost all evaporated.

Add the tomato/vegetable mix, the herbs and the third tin of tomatoes.

Bring to a simmer, and remove the bay leaves. Season salt and pepper to taste.

This goes brilliantly with all pasta.


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