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Roux Brothers French Lemon Tart – we are not worthy

3.5cm high...none thought this was possible...

22cm round - not 23, not 20 (unless on the way to 22)...25 is way out

Ok, this is serious …no quips, no puns, not “wink wink, say no more”, and certainly no French jokes!

This is the Roux Brothers!!


When the Culinary Camel was studying at the Culinary Institute of America (stand up straight when I’m talking to you!), we walked past the test kitchen on the way to our class (to disembowel various endangered species). Behind the glass, two very serious looking Frenchmen. Yes, I hear you ask “was De Gaulle in town, inspecting the plans for the Magineaux line?”, “was Napoleon selecting a chef for the invasion of Peru?”…no, none of these anachronisms were in play. This was something far more profound…. Continue reading


chocolate mousse – life changing!

World’s best chocolate mousse recipe….don’t even think there’s a better one! follow the recipe strictly…makes enough for about a dozen…(if you bake it, it’s a souffle). Originally from “Milk and Honey”, Mullumbimby, the world’s best pizza restaurant (yes, I have been to your favourite…yes, it’s damn good, but this place is the best, ok?) Continue reading