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Buon Ricordo – home sweet home

 There a reason that we do everything. Your camel even has a reason to see what happens when you put vegemite under avocado on sourdough toast (it works…sort of).

classic figs gorgonzola

Buon Ricordo is where serious foodies go to reminisce. A time where table cloths were an essential part of the dining experience; where you could hear what everybody at the table was saying; where the food was a combination of the familiar and the enlightening; methods that were accessible

(in)famous truffled tagliatelle

and impossible; ingredients were just “bloody great” without naming their longitude and latitude; and the staff have all worked in places you miss, and know a lot more about whatever you want to talk about.

This isn’t a cheap eat, but your host Armando knows whatever you want to know about anything (or anyone!) Italian. This is a great experience.


Wine Library – borrower’s paradise

                              This place hits the bullseye in Woollahra. Only a place of this quality can make it in an otherwise desolate Oxford St. Great food (better than it’s parent “buzo” around the corner) and excellent wines, in an atmosphere pioneered in Oz at Zigolini’s in the 80’s….

O Organic – “would you like love with that?”

          I know what you’re thinking…an egg and bacon burger at an organic cafe? This place is a real find. Yes, they have the gluten-free tofutti mung-bean pastie, but they have a huge range of real food breakfast and full lunch dishes, all day…plenty for carnivores and those other people too..and spectacularly friendly service

Flat White…flat out!

Your Camel doesn’t identify with the “lizard drinking” metaphor, preferring to be “flat out like a Dromadarie not really needing to drink, because we are superior beings that don’t succum to human fralities”…can’t imagine why it never caught on…

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