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Been here, loved or hated it…

Buon Ricordo – home sweet home

 There a reason that we do everything. Your camel even has a reason to see what happens when you put vegemite under avocado on sourdough toast (it works…sort of).

classic figs gorgonzola

Buon Ricordo is where serious foodies go to reminisce. A time where table cloths were an essential part of the dining experience; where you could hear what everybody at the table was saying; where the food was a combination of the familiar and the enlightening; methods that were accessible

(in)famous truffled tagliatelle

and impossible; ingredients were just “bloody great” without naming their longitude and latitude; and the staff have all worked in places you miss, and know a lot more about whatever you want to talk about.

This isn’t a cheap eat, but your host Armando knows whatever you want to know about anything (or anyone!) Italian. This is a great experience.


china doll – slick product from somewhere in asia

 As you know, your camel loves an asian feed. The more the meal smells of something I can’t quite place, the better.  

There’s a lot to like about China Doll. The menu hits all the right buttons for the modern asian-cuisine diner.

Only quibble is that it hits all the buttons of all the asian cuisines on the one menu…

The execution is standard, but reliable, and balanced; the wine list offers the right choices, at standard restaurant prices, and the service is confident, without being elitist. 

So this is a place that won’t let you down, but it won’t take you to any etherial heights either.

pizza e birra – easy for you….

 go on, try making it at home…that’s the point, and how this global fad began. Initially, you couldn’t replicate great quality like this at home…then the yanks got hold of the idea, but that’s another lament for another time… Continue reading

Vini – a classic remains ?

There was a time that vini was a best kept secret. The boys have moved on to Berta and others, so how does it stack up now? Continue reading

Wine Library – borrower’s paradise

                              This place hits the bullseye in Woollahra. Only a place of this quality can make it in an otherwise desolate Oxford St. Great food (better than it’s parent “buzo” around the corner) and excellent wines, in an atmosphere pioneered in Oz at Zigolini’s in the 80’s….

Toko – twist and shout

Your Camel’s getting on, or so it seems…when I blow $150pp on dinner, I want to be comfortable and inspired. That means a chair, not a low stool. I’m up for the bustling sound of a busy place…I love it! The sound here is loud doof and screaming customers. Don’t bother raising your voice.. pretend your companions are naughty progeny, suck up some “robata grill” air, and give it all you’ve got! Think next time I’ll bring a whistle…  That’s not to say that the food was all bad. … Continue reading

La bodeguita del medio – cuba sorta

 It’s been about 18 years since the Camel was in Havana, so the wear and tear of time has crystallised the entire 2 weeks into a few images…none were quite like LBDM, but that’s probably a good thing.  Continue reading