La bodeguita del medio – cuba sorta

 It’s been about 18 years since the Camel was in Havana, so the wear and tear of time has crystallised the entire 2 weeks into a few images…none were quite like LBDM, but that’s probably a good thing. 

This place has some good things going for it. The mojito’s were $10 the night I went. I can say with complete confidence that 6 will have you dancing with the cuban band like a native.

The food is pretty good too. Seven of us ate about 8 appetisers and 4 mains, with a few sides, lots to drink, and it came out at $70pp, plus tip.

Then downstairs for the compact, yet ebullient band, and inciting dancers. It’s a fun night out in the city, if you don’t take it all too seriously… 


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