Buon Ricordo – home sweet home

 There a reason that we do everything. Your camel even has a reason to see what happens when you put vegemite under avocado on sourdough toast (it works…sort of).

classic figs gorgonzola

Buon Ricordo is where serious foodies go to reminisce. A time where table cloths were an essential part of the dining experience; where you could hear what everybody at the table was saying; where the food was a combination of the familiar and the enlightening; methods that were accessible

(in)famous truffled tagliatelle

and impossible; ingredients were just “bloody great” without naming their longitude and latitude; and the staff have all worked in places you miss, and know a lot more about whatever you want to talk about.

This isn’t a cheap eat, but your host Armando knows whatever you want to know about anything (or anyone!) Italian. This is a great experience. http://www.buonricordo.com.au/page/home.html


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