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Wine Library – borrower’s paradise

                              This place hits the bullseye in Woollahra. Only a place of this quality can make it in an otherwise desolate Oxford St. Great food (better than it’s parent “buzo” around the corner) and excellent wines, in an atmosphere pioneered in Oz at Zigolini’s in the 80’s….


La bodeguita del medio – cuba sorta

 It’s been about 18 years since the Camel was in Havana, so the wear and tear of time has crystallised the entire 2 weeks into a few images…none were quite like LBDM, but that’s probably a good thing.  Continue reading

Longrain – new Bar, another reason to return

 Camels are creatures of habit.

Returning to Longrain is not exactly hard work. More than the great food, there is such a brilliant attitude pervading throughout.

This place is friendlier than a politician on a fund raiser.

The bar is exactly what you would expect. Decor,  music, bar menu, and more candy than the easter show.

You can now book tables of 6 or more in the restaurant.

Victoria Room – first place

 It easy to think that the common factor with the Sydney bar scene is broken furniture. The camel’s lost his bottom through more chairs than Laurie Oakes.

So it’s refreshing to go back to the first of the new breed of old-lookers, and feel the certainty beneath that only too many cocktails can remove.

The food is still current and well-made for quality meal or bar-munch; the beverage list bigger than the aforementioned journo, and the service more attentive than the pointy end of the plane (ah, those were the days!)

Berta – brave new world

 An Italian restaurant in Sydney?

*no pasta     *no pizza     *no bread     *no bruschetta     * no tomato sauces     *no cream sauces     *no calamari     *no prawns      *no tiramisu     *no pannacotta

 This is a sign, and a very good one…thanks to the crew from Vini

We’re all grown up now, and can let the waiter help us choose a great wine we’ve never heard of. We can eat and learn and taste and talk and be in a restaurant serving Italian food, rather than be in a place that wants to feel like an Italian cliché.

Go to Berta 

Pocket Bar – great corner of the golden triangle

The camel falls into another happy place…

Pocket bar is part of the triangle of bars in tis corner of Darlinghurst, and is trendier than your wardrobe will be in 25 years time.

The espresso martinis here are perfect, and just what you want if being a wide awake, obnoxious drunk is your goal.

The other cocktails here are great too. The food is good to excellent. The usual better-tan-you’d-expect bar fare. It’s a crowd, it’s music and there’s less attitude here than the sign up desk at UNICEF.

Go the pocket!

Shady Pines Bar – shooters, not Hooters

 You must be thinking that you’re dealing with one thirsty camel!?

Don’t expect Hooters here. This talks wild west, but is Sydney Bar ‘tude all over.

It’s easy to find…just channel that you’re looking to score meth’, and there you are! Continue reading