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pizza e birra – easy for you….

 go on, try making it at home…that’s the point, and how this global fad began. Initially, you couldn’t replicate great quality like this at home…then the yanks got hold of the idea, but that’s another lament for another time… Continue reading


O Organic – “would you like love with that?”

          I know what you’re thinking…an egg and bacon burger at an organic cafe? This place is a real find. Yes, they have the gluten-free tofutti mung-bean pastie, but they have a huge range of real food breakfast and full lunch dishes, all day…plenty for carnivores and those other people too..and spectacularly friendly service

Everleigh markets – Redfern’s all grown up now.



Once upon a time, Redfern was as safe as pig in a salami factory. Now it’s as safe as a pig in a Synagogue. These are food markets with more organic content than a Nimbin farm. Saturdays 8am-1pm



Satellite, of love – Newtown.

 From the outside…hell, from the inside too, you’d think you’re in just another “we knit our own creme fraiche” cafe.

But satellite is much more than this. Creative, professionally sourced interpretations and ingredients, very well put together.

Sure, the coffee’s great, and desserts are right on the not-very-much money.

And yes, the place has been put together like a good piece of modern art…it looks like you could do it yourself, but if you tried, you’d just get brown disaster.

But the meals are what you’re here for, and the crew care til it hurts.

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Spice I am – yes you are….

number 70...don't ask, just order...

 Nobody does flavour like the Thai. Bold, brazen and as fiery as Bob Katter at a gay rights rally. 

And nobody does Thai like the original Wentworth Avenue Spice I am. It can be pretty hot, and the red duck curry is a smaller portion and a few dollars more, but this is the evolution of the profile of flavours that Prasit started at Thai Pothong, Newtown about 25 years ago. Easy to get in at lunch. Dinner is a bit more challenging. Enjoy the specialities, but don’t miss number 70.

Infinity sourdough – a genuine unpassable original

 Phillip Searle had a restaurant, Oasis Seros. In kids speak, he CBF’d it, and opened this bakery about 15 years ago, when sourdough was as popular as Tony Abbott at a climate change conference. 

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Gelato Messina – perfection before the craze – BYO sauternes/Champagne

 It’s been there for about ten years….at one stage, the first Gelatissimo anywhere opened down the street, but like a Chuck Norris coming up against Bruce Lee, eventually the master showed its quality. 

Messina makes everything on premise, but unlike the others, they start from actual scratch. No mixes or flavour sachets. Be lucky, and they’ll hand out samples of what’s hot off the press (excuse the reverse pun) when you’re there.

You will notice the difference, and don’t hesitate to bring a bottle of dessert wine, or as I did, Moet demi-sec (slightly sweet champagne) and sit down to heaven.