Toko – twist and shout

Your Camel’s getting on, or so it seems…when I blow $150pp on dinner, I want to be comfortable and inspired. That means a chair, not a low stool. I’m up for the bustling sound of a busy place…I love it! The sound here is loud doof and screaming customers. Don’t bother raising your voice.. pretend your companions are naughty progeny, suck up some “robata grill” air, and give it all you’ve got! Think next time I’ll bring a whistle…  That’s not to say that the food was all bad. … That’s not to say that the food was all bad. The sashimi was top shelf. The Grilled cod bloody fabulous. But the remaining items showed little  authenticity or flavour balance. The famed scallops were sweet meat with 3 different sweet accents. Desserts were 1 hit and 1 miss, and the $80 kiwi pinot gris a mediocre wine, and poor value.

Twice I had to get up to refill our water, which was a relief, as it gave me an opportunity to stretch my aching back. And, after coughing up almost $300 for 2, not even a wave goodbye…Get the picture? The place was packed til 9 Saturday night, but then not at all.


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