chocolate mousse – life changing!

World’s best chocolate mousse recipe….don’t even think there’s a better one! follow the recipe strictly…makes enough for about a dozen…(if you bake it, it’s a souffle). Originally from “Milk and Honey”, Mullumbimby, the world’s best pizza restaurant (yes, I have been to your favourite…yes, it’s damn good, but this place is the best, ok?)

This takes meticulous following of the recipe..write to me if you’re having issues…yes, it has 15 eggs, but makes 15 portions, or 7.5 “I’m naughty as hell and I don’t care” portions.

Energy about 180cal/720kj and 4.5g sat fat per serve (just under 1 tsp)  (1/15 of the mix)  … as desserts go, this is a 10/10 dessert satisfaction, for a very modest energy and fat rating.

400g blocks Lindt 85%…or try to find fair trade (Green’s 85% is ok), but must be 85% cocoa, not 70%
15 eggs
1 cup castor sugar
1 pinch salt
no cream!
Separate eggs
Add yolks to 3/4 cup castor and 1 pinch salt. Beat until pale thick smooth and creamy like room temp
Melt chocolate- double boiler
While choc is melting beat whites add remaining sugar until stiff shiny peaks..tip on whites…everything you use must be clean and completely dry. Moisture and dirt will kill your whites (yolk traces are deadly).
Mix chocolate into yolk mix (not yolks into chocolate) then fold in whites into the yolk mix until even consistency (use a clean whisk).. (Move fast before choc mix starts setting then won’t blend with whites)
Set in fridge for about 2 hours, but will hold for up to 2 days before losing its fluff!

Serve alone or great with berries or poached fruits.


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