Shady Pines Bar – shooters, not Hooters

 You must be thinking that you’re dealing with one thirsty camel!?

Don’t expect Hooters here. This talks wild west, but is Sydney Bar ‘tude all over.

It’s easy to find…just channel that you’re looking to score meth’, and there you are!

The entry is well lit (well as in a lot, not mood lighting) and as you walk in, the motif will strike you. For some it’s a wtf motif (ask your kids); for others, it’s a throw back to times when French bentwood chairs were found in the American Wild west..yeah, well the bar scene in Sydney can well be described as a mixed metaphor.

There’s not much in the way of food…peanuts in the shell, perhaps the Lamb Shank pie from Black Star.

But it’s the drinks you’re there for, and they do make a mean Long Is Tea.


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