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Infinity sourdough – a genuine unpassable original

 Phillip Searle had a restaurant, Oasis Seros. In kids speak, he CBF’d it, and opened this bakery about 15 years ago, when sourdough was as popular as Tony Abbott at a climate change conference.


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black star pastry, newtown. Freedom of choice? I wish!

Take it as a compliment that I’m telling you about Black Star. It’s hard enough to get into the place for my fix as it is, without having to squeeze past you (well, admit it, you are spreading a touch…aren’t we all?…as if this will help!).

At the best of times I feel like the 19th person trying to get into the phone booth, while the bored-as-batpoo Guinness book of records guy looks on…”no amount of free stout dulls this pain” he no doubt laments. Continue reading