Supermarket chique – ketchup

I can hear you now…all the things you’d thought the author would hate, wrapped up in one neat package…and you’re right!

1. Evil empire multinational corporation, yep

2. Use-on-everything commercial substitute for actually making something to go with your meal, yep

3. Another bloody organic product, yep

4. Supermarket products, a hundred variations when we really need just one, you betcha!

5. “Ketchup”!!

But I can’t help it…this stuff is the absolute bee’s knees…cat’s pyjamas…dog’s, um, insert dogs things that make no sense but give a positive connotation here.

It appears to be Australian made.

If you want to learn stacks more, read this mind-blowing article on the history of this stuff by Gladwell (author of tipping point and other great stuff) 


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