Sydney's finest Japanese ramen

Sometimes you find a place that just seems to fit your mood more often than others.

Hopefully it’s not your ex-girlfriend’s….

Ichi ban boshi has kept me, and thousands like me…um, ok thousands of other unique individuals, happy with rice and noodle dishes that reinforce the message that cheap eats can be high quality and balanced.

When you look around you will see something unusual. It’s rare to see more than a couple of people eating the same dish. Sure, the menu is large, but it seems that everyone comes here for their faves, and won’t be dissuaded..

My personal recommendations are the salmon don; fresh salmon sashimi pieces on magical sushi rice, with a taint of a soy based glaze on the bowl, surgically-sliced fresh cucumber, japanese pickles and a side of decent miso soup..all for around $12.50!

You’ll see a photo of the noodles they make themselves for their ramen. And whilst you’ll look pretty hard to find it anywhere in Japan, the wonton ramen soup is delish, and has a chilli sauce you’ll return for.

But that’s the thing about ichi ban boshi, every dish has its fan club, and every dish has it’s aria…

Bondi Junction, city and Gold coast. They’re all the same, and they’re all as consistent as……as a japanese restaurant…


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