Falconer – time travelling perfection

Your Camel’s in love……breakfast, lunch and dinner…


It started as a walk by on my oft trek to Bondi Junction from the city. I noticed the great cakes in the window, and curiosity aroused by the 60’s Greek cafe décor.

Next, a beachhead.. I tried a pre-made vego sambo…seriously well made.

Ok, now breakfast…great menu, really well done….and the coffee?

The Golden Cobra….Oh yeah! 

Lunch? All day breakfast plus a lunch menu as edgy as yesterday’s fashion in 20 years time….

Finally the big hurdle…dinner…stunning and terrific value…with a compact wine list of interesting choices at fair prices.

 There’s vinyl records (it was a kinda plastic giant CD…ok a CD is a kinda DVD with only music on it…no, no interactivity at all…and they had 2 sides!) playing quality retro music.

 You’ll usually see one or other of the boys there…genuine hospitality professionals…



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