Pendolino – the original hidden treasure

Melbourne has a perfectly good reason for the hidden bar scene…there’s nowhere else to put a bar!

I mean what are you going to do? Have a bar with a view of….of…I dunno, yet another melbourne park?

How many dirty old men do they have down there, that they have to have all those parks?

So I’m guessing with nothing else to look at, Melbourne became the home of bars with million dollar fit outs that look like $2 shop fit outs, and people staring at the food, or each other…tres European, don’t you know?!

Long before the bar scene in Melbourne became the bar scene in Sydney, there was Pendolino.

You may choose to start with the cafe outside the restaurant. A logicla choice. Come here early one lunch time, and grab a superior pasta or salad, good bread and a glass of wine, and leave with enough change from $30pp for a chokkie from Haighs downstairs.

But the restaurant is where it’s at.

The place is elegant, and buzzy. the food is superior Italian, and the service right on the money. Speaking of money, have your credit card ready. It will cost you about $100+PP.

The pasta is all made on the premises, and the quality of all the ingredients is overt.

I was going to list recommendations here, but really the sign of a good restaurant is that it’s all there, and all as good as it should be.

Where to find it? There are no street signs, so go th ot the web link and suss it out. Reservations for the restaurant are essential.


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