Roast Garlic Puree – the great home made condiment

Poor garlic…we’ve been told how good it is for us, but can you think of another product where we accept such low standards? Yeah, ok most of them!

Let’s at least make the best of what we can get, and enjoy this elixir at it’s best. You’ll likely not see too much Aussie garlic on the shelves (if you do, buy it!), but you might see this. This is a reasonable product to use when you’re in a pinch. It keeps in the fridge, is Australian and both supermarkets carry a version. Never ever buy the granulated paste in jars. I’ve seen it made. It ain’t pretty and it does your food no good.

usually Australian or Mexican

The 2 colours of garlic you’ll likely see are these

Usually Chinese

The purple garlic will usually give you the best result.

Roasting garlic and puréeing it will give you a richer, milder product that stores for weeks. The techniques is straightforward.

Simply get a pan that can go in the oven…break up the bunch into cloves (unpeeled), and add for each bunch about 50ml of water, white wine and olive oil/butter (each). Seal the container with foil, and roast at about 150c for an hour. When complete and cool, squeeze the garlic out of the skins, into a jug, with any of the left over liquid from the  pan. Puree and keep in the fridge in an airtight container. Fabulous on its own spread on toast (and then on top of soups as an instant rouille), as a dip, as a baste for roast birds and meats, and in any recipe where garlic is called for. Salad dressings go nuts with this in them. It is highly addictive…


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