Chicken soup penicillin

It’s that time of year, and the night clubs are quiet as dooners come out to cover the winter aches…oh, where’s your mum to make you chicken soup? She’s out at the night club kickin’ it up on 80’s music night! For those of you born yesterday, Michael Jackson was an afro-American who didn’t always have a thumping techno beat behind him!

Need something to take away the flu? Yes, echinacea and zinc do the trick, but chicken soup is what the doctor ordered …here’s 2 versions…

The chicken soup you will make yourself….

Simple really…a pot of water with a whole chook and a few extra legs thrown in. Add a few carrots, a 1/4 bunch of celery, and a couple of peeled onions (all whole so you can remove them easily) . My mum never added garlic, but your breath is like a prawn trawler after 3 weeks at sea anyway, so go for it! (I say put the entire bunch in, whole…or 2 if it’s the bleached Chinese version). Finally, a few bay leaves, pepper corns, a bunch of parsely and salt.

Bring it to the boil, and then simmer for a couple of hours….strain off all the non-liquids, and refrigerate overnight…the next day, remove the layer of fat from the top and discard (go on, don’t be tempted to cook your roast potatoes in it…yes, it’ll taste great, but you already smell like something that fell behind the fridge a few weeks ago, make the most of the disease to lose a few kg’s!)

You will probably need to reduce the soup (boil it to reduce the quantity and increase the flavour) until the flavour balance is right, and add salt to taste…

Want to take the next step?

Risi e bisi…an amazing italian dish…cook some rice in the stock (be sure to rinse the rice thoroghly before)..add some baby peas at the last minute, and a little parmesan (mum says you shouldn’t eat dairy when you’re sick, but this makes all the difference)…yummo

or Vietnamese rice…cook the rinsed rice and a skinless piece of chicken in the stock. Finish with coriander, chilli and lemongrass…keep your room-mates away, tell them it’s infected with your disease…you’ll need the left overs.

Version 2…ICBF!

Buy campbells chicken stock (not the consomme, it has less chicken and more rubbish) and reduce it by about 1/3…pretty good, and let’s face it, you’ll need your energy to keep your mum away when she hears your sick, and thinks talking to you on the phone endlessly about her one night out this year is the cure..


2 responses to “Chicken soup penicillin

  1. Thanks for posting that! I don’t think I’ve ever touched a whole uncoiled chook before. I’ll give it a go. Sniffle sniffle.

  2. use of bbq tongs will help w/that!

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