Lamb shoulder, a one pot dinner party

This recipe sits in a 120C oven for around 6-8 hours. Don’t waste the oven! See tips at the end..

The shoulder is usually pretty reasonably priced, and you can buy it on or off the bone. This is a little better if on the bone, but you will have to pull it out of the pot (very easily) when cooked. From there, you’ll just break the meat up a little  in the casserole.

Start with the shoulder, and trim whatever fat comes off easily.

Place the shoulder in a large pot that has a lid.

Now it’s ur turn to decide which flavour combination you prefer…here’s a few suggestions

Massaman – sweet soy sauce, cardoman, cinnamon, star anise

Traditional – rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper

Italian – oregano, parsely, garlic, tomatoes, salt, pepper

The amount of flavouring depends on the size of the shoulder, but in general you will need 3 tablespoons in total of the herbs and 1 of the spices…

The vegetables. All of the varients will start with onions. Peel and  halve 3 medium sized onions.

The other vegetables are your call…potatoes, kumera,  pumpkin, turnip, parsnip…any root vegetable or capsicum and tomato will work, left in large pieces (same as onions). Eggplant will dissolve, making a lovely rich sauce.

Green vegies, and others you desire just cooked can be added about ten minutes before you serve.

lid on throughout cooking will give you this wetter result. A beautiful stock/jus

this one has the lid removed for the last hour, with temp raised to around 180c, and tomatoes and/or red capsicum added for colour

Close the lid and back as above. The sauce will make itself!  Serve with rice (great with brown), fresh cooked potatoes (if there aren’t many in the pot already)polenta, risoni pasta, regular or israeli cous cous

Left overs are even better the next day, and make a great pie filling…

Don’t waste the oven! Place halved tomatoes, whole red capsicum, whole cauliflower (in foil, but open) and slow roast them…great for dips and other recipes you’ll find here…


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